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Instant Sell Bitcoin for Okpay!

Instant Sell Bitcoins for Okpay

UPDATE for February 21, 2018. Minimal amount for exchange is 0.1 Bitcoins.

1. Enter Your Bitcoin amount for exchange.

2. Select preferable ecurrency and enter your purse/account/address number and e-mail for confirmation.

3. Push "Checkout" to transfer Bitcoin to Okpay. Bitcoin exchange time usually is from 15-20 minutes in working time. Our rate for Bitcoin exchange is 5%, minimal comission is 5 dollars.

* Indicates a required field

* Minimal amount for Bitcoin exchange is 0,1 btc.




Enter Name, Surname, City and Country, if you choose Western Union or Moneygram as payout payment option to sell Bitcoin for Okpay.

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You can sell Bitcoin for Okpay. You can change or send your Bitcoin in Okpay and your payment details by webform. You can top up Okpay by Bitcoin.

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Latest Bitcoin transactions for February 21, 2018

Transaction Time Bitcoins exchanged Exchange Amount Payment Method Status
4 hours ago 3.3313 bitcoins 36758.42 Perfect Money paid
5 hours ago 0.1410 bitcoins 1555.83 Egopay paid
7 hours ago 3.814 bitcoins 42084.66 Liqpay paid
8 hours ago 4.5270 bitcoins 49952.08 Payoneer paid
6 hours ago 3.2578 bitcoins 35947.40 Onecard paid
8 hours ago 4.7721 bitcoins 52656.58 Skrill paid